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May 18th, 2013

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10:02 am - Quick! 15 minutes to post!
It's been a good week, mostly. The girls are going through one of those screamy/cling to my leg all day developmental growth spurts but it actually feels good because they are coping so much better with it than in the past. They're quite cool - they have yelling/raspberry blowing fights and they follow each other around the house. I think I'm probably a bit at the careless end of parenthood here because I let them go up and down the stairs on their own - I'm glad they've had the chance to learn to do that and it fits with my parenting philosophy such as it is (that you only learn by doing, so your parents' job is to put you in situations where you can learn, and give you the odd pointer or encouragement but usually just to let you get on with it) but I do worry that one of them is going to take a tumble once and I'll need to explain to Social Services why we don't have any stair gates. Ach well.

Trying to think what else they do that I want to remember. They climb into the tumble dryer, dishwasher and the unit below the TV; Izzy climbs up onto the TV unit and hangs off the TV when I don't get to her in time. The TV is covered with little handprints and generally the house is a bit trashed looking because they just take everything out of every cupboard, have a sook of it and then leave it there. Izzy takes stuff around with her so you find bathroom stuff in the kitchen and so on. She's got a little soft toy she sleeps with who often ends up round and about - sometimes she'll go up to her bedroom and go and get him, and then take him around with her, even though he trips her up when she's crawling. Anna's got one too but she's less attached - doesn't go looking for her, but when you give her the soft toy she smiles in recognition and cuddles her. They both cuddle me now (although Anna sometimes bites me too, aargh) and Izzy is standing up on her own waving her arms around looking like she could start walking at any moment. I reckon Anna will talk first - the babbling is quite detailed now and she says "bye bye" - sometimes even when people are going away. If she wants your attention she'll do "bye bye", "mama", a raspberry and a crinkly eyed smile. You can see her trying out all her things to see if you'll bite. It's cute.

So it looks like we're staying in the UK and I'm going back to Gringott's - so trying to be practical and think of what needs sorted. They're registered at a nursery; I don't look forward to leaving them, knackered though I am by looking after them, and I'm thinking of going part time when I go back to work.

Oh, and I saw alltheleaves this week. Oh, the wee one, he is sweet! Little babies though, I forgot everything. It was nice to actually do A Thing, go visiting, because it's another step towards having a normal life. The ladies are still napping twice a day and when they eat it's like a bomb site so we're limited still but it is getting easier, for sure.




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Date:May 18th, 2013 06:02 pm (UTC)
I love these pictures so much!

I think, had I ever had children, I'd have been a casual mother too. I was like that with my sister's kids.
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Date:May 20th, 2013 07:51 am (UTC)
Oh thanks! They do funny stuff all day now - they just maraud around the house tearing apart one room after the other.

We took the spare stair gates back to Ikea yesterday. Casual parenting it is!

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